2021 Holiday Gift Guide

"OH MY GOD, I LOVE IT!" The words you want to hear when your loved one unwraps the gift you so carefully thought of and chose for them. But the delighted reactions that you so hoped for aren't always necessarily rewarded. How can you really ensure that BAE, your Bestie or your MIL will truly love what you get them for the holidays?!

Because we are a Gift Shop focused primarily on Gifts for Her, we can definitely help you with the "Her" part. Every woman is different, and the type of gift that solicits an excited reaction will vary depending on the personality of the individual, as well as their current circumstances. Is SHE getting married? Is SHE your lover, a significant other? Your relationship with her is what should drive the gift itself, and the meaning behind it is what she will ultimately cherish.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Choose depending on the interests of your recipient - is she a gamer, baker, art enthusiast? Consider a gift that links to her current interests.

  2. Consider Her current circumstances: did she just get promoted? Is there something significant happening in her life that you could add to by delivering a caring gift?

  3. Always, always, always, add something she loves to eat/drink to your gift. Whether that be chocolate, candy, or her favorite savory snack, stimulating the taste senses positively is an added bonus. BEWARE that this is not your only gift, but an add-on (also remember this is coming from a biased food-lover)!

  4. Wrap it with care; put in that extra effort to line up the edges and the tape. Tie a bow to the best of your abilities and add a personal message. Trust me, she will notice and appreciate the attention to detail.

  5. When in doubt, think traditional. Now I KNOW, not all women are created equal, and thus, not ALL women will be happy with a traditional gift. But if you don't quite know her interests yet, it's more than okay to play it safe and go with a traditional gift. Traditions are traditional for a reason; a majority of folks enjoy them. So flowers, chocolates and jewelry are usually a great idea!

Check out some of are some of our top-selling traditional gifts below:

1. Rose Teddy Bear: Unique, playful and unforgettable: why buy her a regular bouquet when you can give her this romantic Teddy! Handmade with love and guaranteed to bring a smile to any face! MAJOR PLUS - it's Instagrammable!

2. Jewelry: need I say more?

3. Candles: Another sense stimulator; and a winner gift. Choosing a high-quality candle is not only important but can transport your recipient to another realm. A subtle floral scent or vanilla is a classic choice!

4. Small Gifts: These are always a fun add-on, something you can place on your dresser, nightstand, or even on your desk.

5. Wine & Chocolate: Honestly, just adding one or both of these items to anything you gift elevates your gift to literal perfection!

Love Barrel & Company wishes you Happy Gift-shopping, and Happy Holidays ahead!

- Sundas Ahearn, Love Barrel & Co.

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